CH4LLENGE – Addressing the four Key Challenges of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Achieving sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport systems is one of the European key aims. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) are an instrument that contributes to reaching the climate and energy targets set by EU leaders and is promoted by the European Commission in relevant documents such as the Transport White Paper and Action Plan on Urban Mobility. Cities frequently face major barriers while creating their own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

In CH4LLENGE (2013-2016), nine European cities and eight supporting organisations have teamed up for overcoming the four most pressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning:

For each challenge, the project cities analyse their local mobility situation, develop new strategies how to tackle their urban mobility problems and test solutions to overcome barriers in participation, cooperation, measure selection as well as monitoring and evaluation in more than forty pilot schemes.

The experts behind CH4LLENGE

The project consortium, with 17 partners from 12 countries, has a long experience of working with integrated mobility planning and SUMPs in different corners of Europe. Nine European cities are involved in CH4LLENGE and are grouped according to their status of sustainable urban mobility planning. The Optimising Cities of Amiens, Dresden, Gent and the county of West Yorkshire have all worked extensively with SUMPs and will optimise their SUMP processes in the four thematic areas. The Advancing Cities of Brno, Budapest, Krakow, Timisoara and Zagreb are ambitious partners from Central and Eastern European countries and currently moving towards sustainable urban mobility planning. The Optimising Cities will assist them in developing strategies and implementing pilots in all four challenges.

CH4LLENGE also supports 26 Follower Cities outside the consortium which are committed to improving their mobility planning. They are involved in the project’s take-up and learning process and will receive tailor-made advice from the CH4LLENGE SUMP Expert Team to tackle their unique mobility challenges.

The CH4LLENGE cities are supported by a group of organisations having extensive experience of working with mobility planning and SUMPs.  To raise awareness for SUMP of decision makers particularly in CEE countries, the project has established the position of CH4LLENGE Ambassador.  The Ambassador will participate in relevant events and conferences or other occasions throughout Europe.

How you can benefit from CH4LLENGE

To support the take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in European cities the project offers a great number of different training activities. These include: 

  • Four SUMP Challenge Training Workshops for the Partner and Follower Cities starting from Summer 2013;
  • National SUMP Challenge Seminars in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Croatia between July 2014 and March 2016 open to all interested planners, implementers, decision-makers and multipliers. An additional SUMP Seminar will be held in Slovenia.
  • CH4LLENGE Universities for students and graduates in the five participating New Member States between summer 2014 and summer 2015.
  • A SUMP Exchange Workshop in spring 2014 to facilitate the dialogue between existing European and national initiatives in the SUMP context.

All these face-to-face training activities will be complemented by an online learning programme consisting of several courses on each of the four challenges. More information about the trainings can be found at Events section.

The key outputs – CH4LLENGE kits

Based on the lessons learned from the pilot schemes in the nine participating project cities, on the experience from the Follower Cities and on the results from the training activities, four CH4LLENGE Kits will be developed as the main outputs of the project. Each kit will address one challenge and will consist of a comprehensive manual, a brochure and the relevant e-learning modules. The kits will be available in English, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian.

Both, cities with a lot of experience with integrated planning approaches and cities initiating the SUMP process will benefit from the results of CH4LLENGE.

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CH4LLENGE is co-funded by the IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.