CH4LLENGE University Timisoara

The CH4LLENGE University in Timisoara on 5-6 November 2015 was targeted at students and young professionals from fields relevant to SUMP. The events took place in English and were open to interested students and young professionals from all over the countries.
Within the two days, lecturers  both from the CH4LLENGE project Consortium and also external institutions delivered well-prepared PPT presentations covering the four Challenges that the project deals with: Participation, Institutional Cooperation, Measure selection and Monitoring and Evaluation.

To increase the involvement of the audience, the students were discussing in Working groups on small tasks referring to SUMP and the challenges.

All participants received the event´s "Lecture notes", including comprehensive information on the topic, for recollection and learning.


 Documents from the Ch4LLENGE University

CH4LLENGE University Timisoara_Agenda

Measure generation_Gönczi and May
Measure generation in the SUMP of Timisoara_Gönczi
Developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - Introduction
Citizen and stakeholder involvement as a precondition for SUMPs_Böhler-Baedecker_Lindenau
SUMP Monitoring and Evaluation
Institutional cooperation_ Mourey_English