City of Dresden

The City of Dresden is located in the Eastern part of Germany and the capital of the state Saxony. About half a million inhabitants live in the city and 1.8 million tourists per year visit Dresden. A steady population growth has been observed in the past decade. Dresden has a long tradition in transport planning and its first SUMP process was started in 2009. Since then, the Dresden Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2025plus is being developed and the city gains vast experience in, for example, stakeholder involvement and citizen participation. The City of Dresden initiated a round table and established a number of committees for its SUMP bringing all relevant actors together ranging from the city administration, politics, stakeholders, research and NGOs to transport operators.

As Dresden also has experience in evaluation and monitoring, they lead the corresponding Work Package in CH4LLENGE, supported by the Leeds Institute for Transport Studies. They share their experiences, give guidance and assist the other project cities in developing their monitoring and development programmes. At the same time, Dresden is involved in the project as an Optimising City and will implement pilot schemes in citizen participation and stakeholder involvement, institutional cooperation as well as monitoring and evaluation.



Photos: City of Dresden