ITS Leeds

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (ITS)

The Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) is a partner in the CH4LLENGE project in the capacity of its expertise knowledge of sustainable urban mobility planning. They recognise that SUMP is essential to a sustainable future for Europe, and are committed to taking an active part in not only the development of SUMP, but also the debate about the future development of such plans and their place in European, national and local planning. ITS is well placed to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills, as well as the surrounding debate given their status as the largest dedicated academic transport unit, and their history of contribution to transport policy at the EU and national level.

ITS is leading the Work-Package “Identifying the most effective measures”, which deals with the identification of measures and measure packages for meeting a city’s mobility objectives. Tight budgets require selecting those measures that are likely to be the most effective in reaching the objectives set. The way in which these measures are packaged will influence both their acceptability and their performance and are most decisive for the success of the whole SUMP process. All results and lessons learned will feed the CH4LLENGE Measure Kit, and will be further promoted in trainings and seminars offered. The result will be an approach and guidance that will help other cities to take steps towards SUMP. Further, ITS is involved in each of the other aspects of the project, contributing to development of strategies for public participation in sustainable urban mobility planning, in developing understanding of governance and institutional cooperation, and in developing frameworks for monitoring and evaluation of transport measures.