Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult (RC) is an independent, private research and consulting company from Cologne, Germany, specialised in urban and regional development, transport and mobility, environmental protection, information technologies and, generally, innovation to society. RC targets its services mainly at cities, regions and international organisations. Services include the development and management of international projects as well as evaluation and impact assessment, dissemination, capacity building, strategy development, and independent project monitoring. Focus areas are urban transport, environment and planning from an integrated and multi‐disciplinary viewpoint.

Rupprecht Consult is the coordinator of CH4LLENGE and responsible for the consortium management, administrative and financial management, project communication and process evaluation as well as quality control of the project’s deliverables, outputs and all products that will be disseminated. In other words, RC makes sure that all tasks of the work programme will be accomplished, the project’s objectives achieved and that the promised outputs such as the CH4LLENGE Kits will be produced.

Besides project management, the company also has extensive experience on the topic of SUMP, being a key player in both the development and promotion of SUMP. Therefore, Rupprecht Consult is also a SUMP knowledge expert in the project and supports the city partners in analysing their urban mobility and transport planning situation in the context of the four challenges of SUMP. The company also assists the cities in developing their SUMP challenge strategies and has an advisory role in the CH4LLENGE pilot schemes. In addition, Rupprecht Consult is the support partner of the City of Gent, which is the Work Package leader for the SUMP challenge “stakeholder involvement and citizen participation”. Activities by RC include assisting the project’s cities in reviewing their existing stakeholder involvement tools and support in analysing previous experiences with participation processes as well as in the development of detailed participation. Further, RC is the responsible author of the CH4LLENGE Participation Kit containing a quick fact brochure, a participation handbook and an e-learning course module.