Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission

Union of the Baltic CitiesSustainable Cities Commission (UBC) has long experience in EU projects with different tasks such as the management and administration, communication, training and involvement of stakeholders. As a city network their main task is to provide cities with support and guidance to work for a balanced democratic, economic, social and environmental development in the Baltic Sea Region and in Europe.

UBC coordinates the communication and dissemination activities in CH4LLENGE. They ensure a high visibility and recognition of the project as well as the SUMP approach at European, national and local level. UBC is responsible for designing and coordinating the use of a variety of different communication tools including traditional tools such as the online portal, leaflet, roll-ups but also some contemporary tools such as social media networks and a mobile application. Beyond that, UBC participates in the activities around the four challenges mainly with supporting the implementation of different pilots and providing input to the CH4LLENGE Kits with their experience and knowledge from the Baltic Sea Region. UBC has been involved in several SUMP projects and will also participate in the knowledge consolidation between different SUMP initiatives.