Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia is a public research organisation. Its activities include research and expert development work in the fields of urban, regional, spatial and transport planning and related disciplines. In the field of professional development, the institute elaborates model plans, standards, norms and planning criteria; it maintains a data bank, provides information and documentation services; works on terminology and maintains a rich planning library. The institute is involved in publishing, trains design and planning professionals and takes an active part in a wide range of national and international projects and workshops.

The group of experts involved in CH4LLENGE focuses on mobility topics. Their experience includes introducing sustainable mobility and SUMPs to Slovenian cities, practical knowledge in preparing the SUMP, preparation of SUMPs for Slovenian cities and cities in the region, organisation and successful realisation of educational events (both awareness-raising and technical trainings) for cities, experts and the general public.

Within CH4LLENGE, UIRS is the coordinator of the group of Follower Cities. The institute will support them in preparing their SUMP road maps - tailor-made plans helping them to get started with SUMPs. The action will be complemented by trainings and knowledge exchange via different channels (workshops, e-learning courses, National SUMP Challenge Seminars, summer schools, brochures, learning kits). UIRS will also support actions of all four SUMP challenges addressed in the project.