CH4LLENGE National SUMP Seminar Poland

Plan zrównoważonej mobilności dla Warszawy_JedlinskiThe CH4LLENGE National Seminar in Poland was held on 29th of June in Krakow. The major theme of seminar was concerning the challenges in the planning of mobility in Polish cities and Europe. There were around 50 participants from cities all over Poland. Seminar program included 10 presentations from Poland and abroad. Discussion among participants was dealing mainly with issues of polish “transport plans” dealing with public transport and local transport policies and its combination with SUMPs.  The seminar participants repeatedly pointed the necessary cooperation between urban planners and transport planners.  They emphasized that the authorities should not issue permits for construction of settlements in areas where no adequate transport infrastructure, but also should not run away from unpopular decisions on the liquidation of parking spaces in the streets. Planning for sustainable mobility requires long-term goals and courageous approach, without which they fail.

Agenda for the National Seminar