CH4LLENGE Universities

CH4LLENGE organises five CH4LLENGE Universities focusing on the topic of sustainable urban mobility planning. They will provide a mix of expert lectures and interactive workshops, and will each feature a local case example. The CH4LLENGE Universities will take place in:

The events will take place in English and are open to interested students and young professionals from all over Europe. Every CH4LLENGE university participant will receive a set of lecture notes and a certificate for participation,

Target group

The CH4LLENGE Universities are aimed at graduate students (MSc and PhD) and young professionals from fields relevant to sustainable urban mobility such as transport planning, urban planning, transportation engineering, environmental studies as well as social studies.

Objectives of the CH4LLENGE Universities

The CH4LLENGE Universities will add new approaches and ideas to the existing knowledge of the participants about urban transport and mobility planning. The state-of-the-art of current planning approaches will be taught pointing out the differences between traditional transport planning and sustainable urban mobility planning. The courses will put an emphasis on the following characteristics of sustainable urban mobility planning:

  1. Sustainability – Balancing economic development, social equity and environmental quality
  2. Participatory approach – Actively involving local stakeholders and citizens in mobility planning processes
  3. Integrated approach – Improving geographic, political, administrative and sectoral cooperation
  4. Systematic approach to the selection of policies and measures – Identifying the most appropriate package of measures to meet a city’s policy objectives
  5. Monitoring and evaluation – Assessing the impact of measures and evaluating the mobility planning process

At end of the course, students will:

  • have a clear understanding of what a SUMP is,
  • be able to identify the four key challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning,
  • understand how sustainable urban mobility planning works in practice as each CH4LLENGE University will do an in-depth analysis of a local case example.