National SUMP CH4LLENGE Seminars

CH4LLENGE has a special focus on sharing knowledge and information of SUMP and the project outcomes in New Member states and cities where few SUMPs have been implemented to date but which are dealing with the same SUMP challenges. If you are from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland or Romania, you have possibility to join our National SUMP Seminars held in national language that give you an opportunity to learn more about SUMPs and to network with other cities and organisations from your country.

The seminars are linked to the local and national context and legislation with regard to SUMPs in these countries and stimulate other cities in the same country to follow the footsteps of the CH4LLENGE cities.

Target group: all interested planners, implementers, decision-makers and multipliers.

The participation is free of charge.

An additional SUMP Seminar will be held in Slovenia.