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CH4LLENGE Consortium Source: A. Dragutescu
CH4LLENGE Consortium Source: A. Dragutescu
In the CH4LLENGE project, nine European cities and eight supporting organisations teamed up to tackle challenges in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) development processes. Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union, CH4LLENGE supported planning authorities across Europe to kick-off SUMP development and enhance their transport planning processes.

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Follower cities

CH4LLENGE Follower Cities

CH4LLENGE’s SUMP experts provided support to the project’s 26 Follower Cities to enable them to work towards their own SUMPs. Roadmaps were developed in order to kick off SUMP development or progress in existing SUMP activities. Training activities brought together cities with no or only little SUMP experience and cities with more mature SUMP processes and enabled focussed exchange about how to achieve quality SUMP development.


Map of CH4LLENGE Partner and Follower Cities Source: CH4LLENGE, 2016
Map of CH4LLENGE Partner and Follower Cities Source: CH4LLENGE, 2016

CH4LLENGE Ambassador

CH4LLENGE Ambassador Wojciech Suchorzewski, Professor emeritus of the Warsaw University of Technology, widely promoted the project and its findings at international, European and national conferences, workshops and seminars. He advocated the importance of sustainable urban mobility planning at various events and spread the project’s SUMP messages in several articles.